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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service New York NY
600 AM EDT Sat Nov 9 2018


Please join the National Weather Service in promoting winter weather
education including safety.

The topic for today is winter weather safety.

For heavy snow, check and winterize your vehicles before the winter
season begins. Carry a winter storm survival kit including
blankets, a flashlight with extra batteries, a shovel and map.

For icing, make sure that an adequate supply of salt and sand are
available for melting ice.

For high winds, structural damage to houses begins with winds in
excess of 57 mph. These winds will also cause whole trees or large
tree limbs to fall, which can fall on power and telephone lines
causing interruption of electrical and telephone service. Heavy
icing can also cause similar types of electrical and telephone
service interruptions. To prepare for these hazards...

For a mobile home, make sure that it is tied down and is secure.

Without the services of a refrigerator and a stove, make sure to
have an adequate stock of canned goods.

For tidal flooding, know the flood risk for your area and
elevations. Minor flooding occurs with inundation 1 to 2 feet above
ground level. Moderate flooding occurs with inundation 2 to 3 feet
above ground level. Major flooding occurs with inundation greater
than 3 feet above ground level. For more information on
understanding minor moderate, and major flooding, please visit

Know the available escape routes and shelter locations if you are
directed to evacuate.

This is the final statement covering winter preparedness week.

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